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  Volume 23, Issue 89, Jan 2012  

Self-Effectiveness is an Introduction to reduce Symptoms of Anxiety on some Students who suffer from Difficulties of Learning
  Dr. Hayam Saber Sadek Shahein
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Effectiveness of an Program based on the Linguistic Games to develop the skills of Understanding the Audible and Readable Conversations on Students of Fourth Year at Primary Schools in KSA
Dr. Zaineb Hassan El Shemry
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 Effectiveness of an Training Program based on the Audio Perception to develop the Skills of Reading on some Students who suffer from Difficulties of Learning
Dr. Abdel Raouf Ismail Mahfouz
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Effectiveness of an Training Program based on the Intelligence to develop the Ethical Sensitivity
  Dr. Huwaida Mohamed Anwar
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Ghoneim
Ms. Hana Mohamed Zaki
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Roles of Kindergarten Teacher in the Light of Multiple Intelligences Theory (Evaluation Study)
Prof. Dr. Hanan Ahmed Radwan
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghoneimy Mhenawi
  Ms. Walaa Mahmoud Abdullah
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Language Development for Pre-school Children (Risk of Reality and Challenges of Future)
Dr. Hossam Samir Omar Ibrahim
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Comprehensive Social Development (Theories and Requirements) "Analytical Study"
Prof. Dr. Wadeia Mohamed Abu Saada
 Prof. Dr. Mehri Amin Diab
 Ms. Sahar Mohamed Radi
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Degree of the Academic Leaders for Technological Competencies at the University of Tabuk (from the Point of View of Faculty Members).
Dr. Awad bin Hammad bin Hassan Al Hweiti
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